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Hospital beds For Rent And Sale in Bangalore

Hospital bed single function

Single function bed standard

single function  bed with head raise ,side railings with mattress

For Rent/month= Rs 1900

Sale = Rs 15000

hospital bed fowler bed manual

2function  bed Manual standard

Fowler bed Manual Both Head and Foot Raising side railings with mattress .

For Rent/month=Rs.2200

Sale=Rs 17000

hospital bed deluxe semifowler

Single function deluxe bed

Deluxe semifowler bed with side collapsible side railings and ABS Without wheels with mattress 

For Rent/month=Rs 2800

Sale = RS 22000

hospital bed 2function deluxe bed

2Function deluxe Manual bed

2function manual bed with side collapsible railings ,head and foot raising with wheels 

For Rent/month=Rs 3500

hospital bed 2function electric bed

2 function Electric bed

2 function electric bed with  collapsible side railings and  head and foot raising with Remote control we provide with mattress 

For Rent/month=Rs 4500

hospital bed 3function electric bed

3 Function electirc bed

3function electric bed with side collapsible railings both head and foot raising and height adjustment with remote control 

For Rent/month=Rs 6500

hospital bed 5function manual bed

5 function Manual bed

5function manual bed with head and foot raising collapsible side railings abs Height adjustment with wheels & with mattress 

For Rent/month=Rs 5000

5function electric bed with head and foot raising

5Function electric bed

5function electric bed with head and foot raising butterfly  side railings abs ,Height adjustment with remote control  with  wheels 

For Rent/month=Rs 8000

oxymed bubble health touch air mattress

Oxymed Bubble Health Touch Air Mattress 


Size/DimensionSize (L X W X H): 25cm X136cm X 9.5cm

Capacity120 kg weight bearing capacity

Type Of MattressHigh quality Medical Grade mattress

Weight1.54 KG

Max Working Pressure30-100mmHg


For Sale=Rs 2500

Why Would you Need a hospital bed at Home?

  • Easier repositioning for loved ones.

  • Adjustable head and foot of the bed.

  • Easier getting in and out of bed.

  • Protection for caregivers.

  • Helpful accessories.

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